to the Studio Shed Press Room and the Backyard Shed Revolution. High-end prefabricated backyard sheds are changing the way many view and use their own backyards. People are using Studio Shed's residential-quality prefab structures as home offices, artists' and musicians’ studios, guest rooms, yoga retreats, home gyms and more.

Here you will find information, images and contacts for interviews. You'll also find case studies, aka Shed Stories, that explore the different ways Studio Shed models are being put to use coast-to-coast.

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"Adding a small backyard space is simpler, faster and far more affordable than moving or remodeling. In the end, people usually don’t need a lot more space, they need a little more of the right space."

Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski
Studio-Shed Co-Founder

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About Studio shed

Studio Shed was founded in 2008 by Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski and Mike Koenig, two friends with a shared interest in mountain biking and outdoor living. Based in Louisville, Colorado near Boulder, the firm today is the national leader in customizable single room prefab structures, with customers coast-to-coast. Studio Shed received Best of Houzz Satisfaction and Best of Houzz Design awards in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Starting with the original Studio Shed, a commitment to environmental responsibility has been built into the DNA of Studio Shed.

Each Studio Shed structure is constructed of green materials and engineered to create an absolute minimum of waste in its manufacture and on-site construction. The lumber used is FSC-certified, all metals have high recycled content, and the paint is low VOC. At the factory Studio Shed follows a robust materials recycling program that includes recycling the unused metal from the CloudLite and VistaLite windows and composting all clean wood waste.

At Studio Shed, good design, environmental stewardship and affordability are not conflicting ideals. The goal is to create spaces that add value to a home, to enhance and expand living space, while embracing the idea that living smarter is better than living bigger.