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Q&A Southern Weed Solutions

Also FBI-style "Most Unwanted" Weed ID Tip Sheets

Keep "Most Unwanted" Weeds
Out of Southern Gardens

Many of the weeds that invade flower and landscape beds share a trait that surprises less experienced gardeners: they’re super seedy weeds. These massive seed producers survive by spewing thousands of seeds per plant into the atmosphere, spawning endless cycles of pulling, digging, spraying, chopping and disposing of weeds. To help gardeners learn more about identifying and controlling the seediest weeds, including thugs that plague southern gardens, the makers of Preen Southern weed preventer have put together a series of Most Unwanted Weed ID Tip Sheets available at

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Unlike Death and Taxes,
Garden Weeds Can Be Avoided

Some may feel that weeds in the garden are similar to death and taxes in life. Unavoidable. But while it may not be possible to absolutely eliminate weeds from flower and landscape beds, it is possible to drastically reduce the need to weed, even in the south where the longer growing means more time for weed seeds to sprout and grow.

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Gardening Q&A Backgrounder:

Pre-emergent & Garden Weeds
Preen Southern Weed Preventer

New gardeners are often confused about what pre-emergents do and why experienced gardeners reach for that yellow bottle of Preen. In the South, even many experienced gardeners may be surprised to learn that the Preen sold now is an improved version formulated especially for Southern gardens.This short Q & A is about Southern Preen, preventing weeds in southern vegetable gardens and notes on pre-emergents.

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