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Unlike Death and Taxes, Garden Weeds Can Be Avoided

Preen Southern

Some may feel that weeds in the garden are similar to death and taxes in life. Unavoidable. But while it may not be possible to absolutely eliminate weeds from flower and landscape beds, it is possible to drastically reduce the need to weed, even in the south where the longer growing season means more time for more weed seeds to sprout and grow.

Following are tips for gardeners on stopping new weeds by focusing on the seeds:

  • Start with a clean slate. Remove already growing weeds from flower and landscape beds. Pulling and digging are the most effective techniques. Take care to get the roots and pick up any bits and pieces. Some weeds can regenerate from cuttings.
  • Add a layer of mulch on top of the clean bed. This has several benefits. It looks nice, of course, but more than that it helps retain soil moisture and keeps soil temperature even. Most importantly, it blocks the sunlight that weed seeds need to sprout.
  • Sprinkle Preen Southern weed preventer on top of the mulch. Apply when the garden is dry so the granules won’t stick to wet foliage. Preen stops new weeds from growing for up to four months, whether the seeds are carried in by wind or birds, or are already present in the mulch itself.
  • Water-in the application to activate the Preen. Do this within two days, as prolonged exposure to sunlight can reduce the product’s effectiveness. The Preen will bond with the organic matter in the mulch and topsoil, creating an invisible barrier that stops weed seeds from rooting. It won’t wash away or leach into groundwater. It biodegrades over time and won’t build up in the soil.
  • Refresh mulch as needed. Reapply Preen Southern after four months to extend weed protection. Different weeds sprout at different times when conditions are right. An application in early spring will stop summer weeds. An application in late summer will stop fall and early winter weeds from growing.


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