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Keep "Most Unwanted" Weeds Out of Southern Gardens

Many of the weeds that invade flower and landscape beds share a trait that surprises less experienced gardeners: they’re super seedy weeds. These massive seed producers survive by spewing thousands of seeds per plant into the atmosphere, spawning endless cycles of pulling, digging, spraying, chopping and disposing of weeds.

To help gardeners learn more about identifying and controlling the seediest weeds, including thugs that plague southern gardens, the makers of Preen Southern Weed Preventer have put together a series of Most Unwanted Weed ID Tip Sheets available at Patterned after the FBI’s famous Most Wanted campaigns, the tip sheets spotlight particularly frustrating garden weeds, offering weed mug shots, descriptions, identifying marks and weed control notes, including both organic and chemical control options.

The problem is not small. Just one purslane weed can churn out 240,00 seeds per plant per season – and these can lie dormant and ready to grow for 30 or 40 years. Just one acre infested with dandelions can account for more than 240 million airborne seeds per year. Creeping wood sorrel dispatches 5,000 seeds per plant as projectile weapons, their mature seedpods burst to blast seeds up to 10 feet away


In the long southern growing season these seedy weeds can be even more troublesome, with weeds germinating over longer periods of time in spring, summer, fall and even winter. For new gardeners, weeding can seem relentless. Yet there’s a way to stop new weed growth: use a pre-emergent to stop weed seeds in the top layer of soil and mulch from forming viable roots. Without roots, the seeds cannot grow.


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