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It's Time to Head Off Garden Weeds

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Use Einstein's Approach:
End the Insanity of Weeding

“Insanity,” said Albert Einstein, “is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” He probably wasn’t talking about weeding. In fact, his lakeside Berlin garden was famously weedy (he preferred sailing). But the great man’s thought does apply. If your approach to weeds is to simply roll up your sleeves each spring and yank them out then… well, see the quote above. Because there is a better way. Focus on preventing weed seeds from growing each spring and you’ll have a weed fighting strategy from which you can expect great results.

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Plant a Forsythia

Hate Garden Weeds? Plant a Forsythia Bush Now

If you hate garden weeds, plant a forsythia bush this spring. Planting a forsythia bush now can reduce time weeding for years to come. The golden buds of forsythia are part of nature’s early warning system. They’re a natural backyard “weed alert” signaling that the seeds of crabgrass and other early weeds will begin to germinate in a few weeks. This means it’s time to get outdoors to do two things: apply mulch and sprinkle pre-emergent on top of it to stop garden weeds, as seeds, before they start growing.

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