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Target Seeds to Stop Weeds

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Gardeners don’t need a “weed seed radar” to know that garden beds are swarming with hidden weeds – in the form of dormant seeds -- ready to burst into action with the arrival of seasonal weather or soil disruption. Even the tidiest of gardens harbors an army of weed seeds buried in the soil.

Luckily, gardeners who focus on defeating weeds as seeds have a shot at winning the war on weeds. The trick is to prevent weed seeds from germinating in the first place. If weeds don’t grow, there’s no need to pull them.

To establish an annual weed-fighting routine, first, remove existing weeds to start with a clean slate. Then lay down a fresh layer of mulch and apply a garden weed preventer such as Preen on top. Together this combo provides a double whammy of weed prevention by stopping weed seeds from sprouting in the top layer of garden soil and in the mulch itself.

Throughout the season, keep an eye out for renegade weeds. Some always sneak by. Try to catch these intruders before they go to seed. Stopping the seeds allows a gardener to get the upper hand on weeds.

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