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Banish Weeds from Walkways

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Gardeners hate weeds, period, but few weeds are more annoying than the ones that cram themselves into the cracks and gaps of stone, brick or gravel walkways. These are tough nuts to crack. Not only are they are eyesores that cannot be ignored, these weeds must be pulled out, roots and all, or killed with organic or chemical sprays and then removed.

One smart way to minimize future weed growth in these areas is to use a pre-emergent such as Preen to stop weed seeds there from ever sprouting. For stone or brick surfaces, lightly sprinkle Preen over the surface. Then gently sweep the granules into the cracks and avoid leaving any on the hard surfaces or sweeping them into grass. For gravel beds, sprinkle the granules as you would over a garden bed. Water in gently to activate the weed preventer to stop weed seeds from sprouting for 3 to 4 months.

Note: Preen Garden Weed Preventer, sold in northern states, can leave a slight yellow stain that is more visible on white or pale mono-color surfaces and less visible on multi-colored stones or dark surfaces. Preen Southern Weed Preventer does not stain.

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