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Forsythia Puts Garderners
on Spring Weed Alert
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Forsythia Puts Gardeners on Spring Weed Alert

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When spring weather warms the top layer of soil to 55° F weed scientists know that conditions are right for two things to happen: forsythia blooms and crabgrass seeds kick off the weed germination season.

Gardeners-in-the-know look to the yellow buds on forsythia branches as a call to action. When the first yellow blooms appear each spring, it's time to make a quick sweep of the garden, sprinkling Preen pre-emergent granules atop garden mulch. The product creates a barrier in the top layer of garden soil and the mulch itself that stops early-sprouting weeds like crabgrass, chickweed and others from growing. Forsythia typically blooms for several weeks before their petals begin to drop, giving gardeners plenty of time to gain the upper hand.

A weed preventer such as Preen prevents new weeds for up to three or four months per application, it doesn’t kill ones that are already growing. So, first, pull or dig out existing weeds, ideally while they’re young and easy to pull. Keep in mind that the very act of pulling weeds disturbs the soil and exposes other buried dormant seeds. Plus new seeds arrive all the time, carried in by the wind, birds or animals. That’s why focusing on the seeds is so important. Why let these new weeds grow when you can stop them before they start.

Remember: forsythia’s yellow flowers announce the start of the spring weed-growing season but different weeds germinate at different times all season long. Gardeners who miss applying pre-emergent during the early crabgrass-stopping window can still stop plenty of weeds by applying it whenever they can.

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