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For Weed-hating Gardeners, a Mulch with a 1-2 Punch

Preen Mulch Plus Prevents
Weeds for Six Months
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Many gardeners consider mulch an essential tool in the struggle against weeds. Usually this means applying a 3-inch layer of mulch on garden beds to deprive weeds of the sunlight they need to grow. But weeds are tough to beat. Invariably weed seeds find their way back into the garden, carried in by wind and birds. The average mulch not only can’t stop these, it often serves as a handy growth medium.

Now, there’s a bagged mulch with effective weed preventers mixed in that prevents weed germination in garden soil and the mulch itself for up to six months per application. Available at Lowe’s and independent garden centers, Preen Mulch Plus features two pre-emergent weed preventers and comes in three non-fade colors: midnight black, russet red and chestnut brown. It is packaged regionally, made variously of shredded area hardwoods, fir, cedar, pine or mixes (no treated or recycled wood products are used) and tinted with iron oxide or carbon black.

Preen Mulch Plus is the only bagged mulch guaranteed to stop weeds from germinating for six months. Also, it only needs to be applied to a depth of 2-inches to suppress weed growth, instead of the usual 3-inch depth recommended for other mulches. This means that each bag goes further by covering up to 12 square feet, or 30% more than average mulches, while delivering stronger weed protection.

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