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Survey Figures Bring Gardeners To Their Knees

Weed-free garden
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According to an April 2011 survey by the National Gardening Association, an estimated 74 million U.S. households spend an average of 4.5 hours per month during the growing season weeding their gardens. Only watering, at 5.2 hours per month, eats more of a gardener's time (but typically is less hands-on due to widespread use of sprinklers, irrigators and soaker lines).

Gardeners wishing to reclaim time wasted on repetitive weeding might consider a weed prevention routine to stop weeds when they're seeds. Different weeds sprout at different times throughout the year, so any time is the right time to start preventing weeds.

Garden soil typically harbors millions of weed seeds, just waiting for a bit of light and water to set them on the path to maturity. Adding mulch deprives weed seeds of the sunlight they need to sprout. A pre-emergent garden weed preventer such as Preen can stop seeds in soil and mulch from forming roots. Together these tools break the cycle of weeding. Fewer weeds means fewer seeds. The net result is that, over time, gardeners spend less time weeding and more time enjoying the garden.

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