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Preen Mulch Plus Prevents Weeds
for Six Months

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There’s a new packaged mulch available now that’s guaranteed to prevent weeds in flower and landscape beds for up to six months.

It’s Preen Mulch Plus – a premium, natural shredded-wood mulch that’s the only bagged mulch with added pre-emergent weed preventers already mixed in. No other mulch provides gardeners with stronger, longer-lasting weed protection.

Northern gardeners will appreciate its effectiveness against major problem weeds including dandelion, crabgrass, common dock, common groundsel, Carolina geranium, spurge, morning glory, ladysthumb, prickly lettuce, plantain, black nightshade, jimsonweed (datura), velvetleaf, sowthistle, speedwell, shepherds purse, horseweed (marestail), prostrate knotweed, chickweed, field bindweed, hairy galinsoga, carpetweed, henbit and more.

Southern gardeners will appreciate its effectiveness against many major regional problem weeds including dandelions, crabgrass, morning glory, field bindweed, sida, fireweed, spurge, horseweed (marestail), chickweed, prostrate knotweed, johnsongrass, Carolina geranium, hairy galinsoga, goosegrass, carpetweed, pepperweed, ladysthumb, prickly lettuce, pokeweed and more.

Preen Mulch Plus is sold exclusively at Lowe’s and independent garden centers coast-to-coast. It’s produced, packaged and sold regionally. Each of Preen’s 49 mulch production locations across the country creates a custom regional mix of, variously, local sustainable cedar, fir, pine, cypress and shredded hardwood mixes. No treated or recycled wood products are used.

Three non-fade colors are offered: chestnut brown, midnight black and russet red. Tinted with iron oxide or carbon black, the mulch colors are guaranteed to hold true for up to a year.

While it is recommended to spread ordinary mulches to a depth of three inches, Preen Mulch Plus needs to be applied only to a depth of two inches because of its built-in weed barrier. This means that each bag covers approximately 12 square feet, which is 30 percent more than ordinary mulches, while offering much stronger weed protection. Suggested retail price per bag (2 cu. feet) is $4.49.

Preen Mulch Plus stops weeds as seeds, so they never grow. The pre-emergents in Preen Mulch Plus do not wash away, leach into groundwater or build up in soil. After their effective period, they biodegrade.

It’s best to keep Preen Mulch Plus out of planting holes. The package contains a list of flowers, shrubs, and trees that have been tested and approved for use with Preen. It’s a large list, but not all-inclusive. To use Preen Mulch Plus around plants not on the list, it is advised to test the product in a small area, before proceeding with a full application. Preen Mulch Plus is not recommended for use near water gardens, ponds or anywhere that it might wash into waterways.

Preen is the nation’s leading brand of garden weed preventers. Other Preen garden products include Preen Southern Weed Preventer, Preen Southern Weed Preventer Plus Plant Food and Preen landscape fabric. For more information, visit


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