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For Spring 2021: David Austin Introduces
Two Glorious New English Roses

English Rose ‘Eustacia Vye’

For Spring 2021, U.S. and Canadian gardeners have two glorious new David Austin English Roses with voluptuous flowers and intense fragrance: ‘Eustacia Vye’ (mid pink with a touch of apricot) and ‘Gabriel Oak’ (a striking shade of deep pink). Both resonate with personality and deliver the traits — exceptional beauty, natural good health and masses of bloom, early summer through fall — that English Rose lovers everywhere swoon over.

“In ‘Eustacia Vye’ gardeners get an exceedingly pretty English Rose with ethereal apricot-pink coloring and delicately ruffled petals — plus a strong, deliciously fruity fragrance,” says Rebecca Koraytem, U.S. sales executive for David Austin Roses Ltd, of Shropshire, England, one of the world’s premier rose breeders.

English Rose ‘Gabriel Oak’

‘Gabriel Oak’ brings gardeners old style glamor, says Koraytem. “The magnificent flowers are deep pink, with a silky sheen and a strong, fruity fragrance. The petal-packed rosette is very much in the style of the antique Old Roses, with an alluring air of richness,” she says. “Even the stems convey richness — they’re mulberry purple, framed by dark green foliage.” 

Old Rose Romance with Modern Traits

David Austin’s breeding program is known for combining the romantic flower forms and heady perfumes of antique roses with the expanded color range and repeat-flowering characteristics of modern roses. In addition, the hybridizing team continually raises the bar for natural good health and garden performance.

For gardeners, the end result is a marvelous mix of charm, beauty and easy care, says Koraytem. “At David Austin, pollinating is still done by hand, with the delicate use of artists’ paintbrushes. It takes skill and patience. For each new variety, the full hybridizing and trialing process takes ten years. From 350,000 unique seedings initially planted, only two or three finalists are selected for introduction as named English Rose varieties.”

Orders Shipped When Time to Plant

In Spring 2021, ‘Eustacia Vye’ and ‘Gabriel Oak’ become available to North American gardeners by mail order, as bare root stock, from or 800-328-8893. In Spring 2022, the new varieties also become available at fine garden centers that carry David Austin roses.

While orders are taken year-round, Austin ships only at the proper time for planting in a recipient’s area. Bare root roses are shipped from January through mid-May. They are sent first to warmest zones, and last to colder zones. New introductions typically sell out early. All roses sold in North America are grown in the U.S. and shipped from Tyler, Texas.

For more, visit, call 800-328-8893, or write to David Austin Roses Limited, 15059 State Highway 64 West, Tyler, TX 75704.