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David C. H. Austin
February 16, 1926 – December 18, 2018

David C.H. Austin OBE VMH

The Austin Family Announcement 370 words
It is with great sadness that the Austin family announces the passing of David C. H. Austin Sr. OBE VMH, rosarian and founder of David Austin Roses Ltd. David Sr. died peacefully at his home in Shropshire on Tuesday 18th December, surrounded by his family. He was 92.

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David C.H. Austin
A Lifetime of Dedication

Notes from the Austin Family 1,800 words
Growing up in the Shropshire countryside, David Austin developed a passion for plants from a very young age. However, his interest in flowers was truly ignited when he first discovered a magazine called Gardens Illustrated, tucked away in the school library. After being encouraged by his teacher, he decided to pursue his new found passion.

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David C.H. Austin
A Biographical Profile

Biographical Profile 2,250 words
David C.H. Austin, founder and hybridizer emeritus of David Austin Roses Ltd. in Albrighton, England, died December 18, 2018 at his Shropshire home. He was 92. His death was announced by his son, David J.C. Austin, managing director of the company since 1993. David C.H. Austin will be remembered as the creator of English Roses.

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