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David Austin's All New Handbook of Roses 2019
Includes a Colorful New Take on Choosing Roses

British hybridizer David Austin’s award-winning Handbook of Roses has long been the gold standard of garden catalogs. For 2019 the company has upped its game with a complete redesign of the North American handbook including a new organizational scheme that arranges its world famous English Roses by color instead of name. Choosy gardeners used to alphabetical listings will now find roses arrayed by gradations of color from pink to crimson, salmon, copper, apricot, cream, white, and yellow. To aid navigation, the book includes a bonus foldout chart of 124 color-coded rose portraits that acts as a key to names and handbook pages. One of the world's best rose grower's resources, the handbook is still available free upon request from 1-800-328-8893 or www.davidaustinroses.com/us/.

In 2019, David Austin Roses offers U.S. and Canadian gardeners 114 English Rose varieties including three new introductions: soft yellow ‘Vanessa Bell’, rich apricot ‘Dame Judi Dench’ and fuchsia/cerise ‘James L. Austin’. Rose lovers perusing the handbook will find a broad selection of English Roses including shrub roses, climbers and tree roses. Each combines the charm, exquisite flower form, heady perfume and repeat-flowering attributes that have made Austin’s English Roses loved around the world. The handbook also includes 51 non-Austin shrub roses, Hybrid Teas and Floribundas, climbers and antique roses handpicked by the Austin team. In prior years, Austin presented all roses alphabetically by variety name. The new “by color” format was introduced in 2018 in Great Britain, where it proved hugely popular. To request a copy of the Handbook of Roses 2019 visit www.davidaustinroses.com/us/; email US@davidaustinroses.com; call 800-328-8893; or write to David Austin Roses Ltd, 15059 State Highway 64 West, Tyler, Texas 75704.

Order Bare Root Roses Early, For Delivery at Planting Time.
New and popular varieties tend to sell out quickly, so gardeners are encouraged to place mail and internet orders early. While David Austin Roses accepts orders year-round, all bare root roses are shipped in early spring, timed to match the correct planting window in the recipient’s area. In North America, bare root rose shipping season runs from January in warmer areas through mid-May in cooler areas. Bare root roses are live plants in a dormant state. All bare root English Roses shipped by David Austin are available as grafted (budded) stock. Thirty-two varieties are also available as own root stock. Bare root roses are shipped without soil, packed to keep their roots moist and ready for planting.

As is the case with all new introductions, the three new varieties for 2019 are only available by mail order, bare root. In 2020 select garden centers coast-to-coast will add the new roses to the broad array of popular David Austin English Roses they currently carry in 2-gallon pots. All David Austin roses sold in North America are grown and shipped within North America.

Fans of David Austin’s garden roses will also appreciate the Handbook’s photo gallery of Austin's luxury cut rose collection. Highly popular with brides, event planners and gardeners, the cut rose collection, now features 14 varieties of Austin’s garden-style English Roses specifically bred for the vase. Available year-round by order through florists across North America, the cut roses range in color from ivory, apricot, peach, yellow and old gold to magenta, red and all hues of pink.


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