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Best for Use Now through April 2018
U.S. Only. Pots with soil cannot be shipped to Canada.

New Mail-Order Option for Late Spring and Early Fall
David Austin’s 2-Quart Potted Roses

For 2018, David Austin Roses has introduced a new purchasing option for U.S. online and mail-order gardeners: selected varieties of English Roses in 2 quart pots. Available for planting in late spring and early fall, the new potted selection of English Roses includes 29 of the famous breeder’s most popular English Rose varieties. Austin’s mail-order and online roses are routinely available as bare root plants. Both options can be ordered by calling 1-800-328-8893 or visiting www.davidaustinroses.com/us/

“For planting late in the season, 2 quart potted roses are the right choice,” says Michael Marriott, senior rosarian and technical director of David Austin Roses in Albrighton, England. “Once daytime temperatures reach 70°F and up, it’s too hot for bare root roses to establish. But it’s smooth sailing for potted roses. Similarly, fall is not an option for planting bare root roses, but potted roses will readily establish, given the season’s long weeks of cooler soil.”

Austin’s bare root, own root and 2-quart potted roses are priced comparably. The 2-quart potted roses are grown at Austin’s North American headquarters in Tyler, Texas. They’re grown from cuttings on their own roots and have not been grafted. The container roses ship to gardeners across the continental U.S. in April/May and September/October. The plants will arrive leafed out, pre-rooted and growing in soil. Inclusion of soil means they cannot be shipped across the border to Canada.

“A side benefit to the 2 quart roses is that they’re a year younger than the bare root roses, thus smaller and remarkably easy to plant,” says Marriott. “Yet, once planted, the 2-quart potted roses gain size quickly and in spring start to bloom within a few weeks. In colder areas, protect them over the first winter as you would any first season rose.”

Currently only a select number of Austin roses will be sold as the potted option, while all 116 English Rose varieties now available in North America are available as bare root stock. Bare root roses root best in the cool soil of spring. They are dormant and available only in spring, shipping between mid-January and mid-May. Delivery is timed for the right planting conditions in any recipient’s locale. In addition, fine garden centers coast-to-coast also sell a broad array of David Austin English Roses. These are available in nursery pots for planting during the growing season.


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