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David Austin’s Handbook of Roses for 2017:
Artful Guide to Buying and Growing English Roses

If winter has got you by the bones, chase it away with dreams of summer by requesting the 2017 David Austin Handbook of Roses, now available. The elegant, encyclopedic catalog that could double as a coffee-table book is free to U.S. and Canadian gardeners from www.davidaustinroses.com/us/. The handbook and related website feature David Austin Roses’ complete 2017 North American collection of bare root roses, including all 114 English Rose varieties bred by famed British rose hybridizer David Austin that are currently available on this side of the Atlantic.

Austin’s English Roses are known worldwide for combining exquisite Old Rose flowers and fragrance with the desirable attributes of modern roses, including disease-resistance, repeat-flowering and expanded color range. Different varieties can be grown, variously, as garden roses, climbers or tree roses.

This is the 18th annual edition of the book-bound catalog designed to both inform and delight. Its 109 pages abound with sumptuous color photography, charming rose descriptions, expansive gardening notes, quirky detail and historic references. For garden daydreamers and seasonal list-makers it’s a winter essential.

“We hear from many gardeners that the annual arrival of our handbook prompts evening rituals involving a favorite drink and cozy armchair. Bedtime perusals tend to follow, I’m told,” said Michael Marriott, technical director and senior rosarian for the rose hybridizing firm based in Shropshire, England.

While select garden centers coast-to-coast sell various potted David Austin English Roses during the growing season, all 114 varieties for North America are available only via mail order from the Handbook of Roses or the Austin website. In addition to English Roses, the handbook and the website feature 60 non-Austin varieties that were personally chosen by Mr. Austin to offer to their customers. These include selected antique roses, modern shrub roses, Hybrid Teas, Floribundas, climbers and ramblers.

Of special interest to many English Rose lovers – especially brides – is the handbook’s photo gallery section featuring David Austin’s luxury cut rose collection of garden-style English Roses bred specifically for the vase. Now available in 14 romantic colors, the cut roses are available year-round by order through florists.

Order Bare Root Roses Early, For Delivery at Planting Time
New and popular varieties tend to sell out quickly, so gardeners are encouraged to place their orders early. While David Austin Roses accepts orders year-round, they only ship in spring, timed to match the correct planting window in the recipient’s area. In North America, the rose shipping period is January through mid-May. Bare root roses are live plants in a dormant state. All roses shipped by David Austin are available as grafted (budded) stock. Forty-four of the English Rose varieties are also available as own root stock. The roses are shipped without soil, packed to keep the roots moist and healthy and ready for planting.

The Handbook of Roses 2017 is free. To receive a copy by mail: visit www.davidaustinroses.com; email US@davidaustinroses.com; call 800-328-8893; or write to David Austin Roses Ltd, 15059 State Highway 64 West, Tyler, Texas 75704. All David Austin roses sold in North America are specially selected for North American growing conditions and climate zones. All are grown and shipped within North America.


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