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Perfect Blooms That Beg to Be Brought Indoors:
The Best English Roses for Cutting from the Garden

There’s a special pleasure in cutting flowers fresh from your own garden. That pleasure is tenfold when the flowers you cut grow in such abundance all season that taking some for the vase still leaves plenty in garden beds.

For gardeners, this makes repeat-blooming garden roses an ideal cut-flower treat, with many considering David Austin’s fragrant English Roses best of all.

“Wandering the garden, cutting shears in hand, feels nearly decadent once the English Roses begin to bloom,” says Michael Marriott, the longtime technical director of David Austin Roses in Albrighton, UK. “But it's not really decadent, when the roses you're cutting are covered in blooms from early summer till frost.”

It’s the spontaneity of cutting from the garden that Marriott loves most. “I tuck my favorite secateurs in my pocket, grab the enamel jug I keep handy, fill it with cool water, then head out to see what’s up. Invariably, I find a few perfect blooms that beg to be brought indoors.

“All English Roses are beautiful in the vase. So the roses you already have in your garden are, naturally, the place to start,” says Marriott. That said, he’s found that some varieties are even better than others, offering longer vase life as well as pleasing fragrance and overall beauty .

U.S. and Canadian gardeners can find a full line of fragrant David Austin English Roses at www.davidaustinroses.com/us/.

Following is Michael Marriott’s list of English Rose varieties that are particularly good for cutting, with a potential vase life of 5 days:

Top 5 English Roses for cutting:
Note: for fragrance rating: 5 of 5 is most fragrant of all.

  • 'Charlotte': soft yellow, 100 petals per flower, fragrance rating of 4 of 5

  • 'Golden Celebration': rich yellow, 75 petals, 5 of 5

  • 'Munstead Wood': deep crimson, 75 petals, 5 of 5
  • ‘Princess Alexandra of Kent’: glowing pink, 130 petals, 5 of 5
  • 'Windemere': creamy white, 80 petals, 4 of 5.

Top 20 English Rose varieties for cutting:

  • 'Bishop’s Castle': rich pink, approximately 80 petals per flower, fragrance rating 4 of 5
  • 'Boscobel': rich salmon, 78 petals, 5 of 5
  • 'Charles Darwin': rich yellow, 140 petals, 5 of 5
  • 'Charlotte': soft yellow, 100 petals, 4 of 5

  • 'Darcey Bussell': rich crimson, 70 petals, 3 of 5
  • 'Eglantyne': soft pink, 140 petals, 4 of 5
  • 'Golden Celebration': rich yellow, 75 petals, 5 of 5

  • 'Graham Thomas': rich yellow, 45 petals, 4 of 5

  • 'Jubilee Celebration': salmon/pink, 90 petals, 5 of 5

  • 'Lady of Shalott': pale salmon-golden-orange, 60 petals, 3 of 5
  • 'L.D. Braithwaite': bright crimson, 80 petals, 2 of 5

  • 'Maid Marion': clear rose pink, 55 petals, 2 of 5
  • 'Molineux': rich yellow, 120 petals, 3 of 5

  • 'Munstead Wood': deep crimson, 75 petals, 5 of 5
  • 'Queen of Sweden': soft pink, 140 petals, 3 of 5

  • 'Princess Alexandra of Kent': glowing pink, 130 petals, 5 of 5
  • 'Teasing Georgia': rich yellow, 110 petals, 3 of 5

  • 'The Alnwick Rose': rich pink, 120 petals, 4 of 5

  • 'Winchester Cathedral': white, 85 petals, 4 of 5
  • 'Windemere': creamy white, 80 petals, 4 of 5.

Bit shorter lived but deliciously fragrant in the vase:

  • 'The Generous Gardener': soft pink, 55 petals, 5 of 5
  • 'Jude the Obscure': buff yellow, 70 petals, 5 of 5
  • 'Lady Emma Hamilton': tangerine/golden-orange, 45 petals, 5 of 5.


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