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David Austin Roses’ Breeding Program:
Continually Raising the Bar

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It is not too difficult to breed a rose that is resistant to disease. What’s difficult is breeding a rose that has the exquisite mix of fragrance and form that defines an English Rose and also exhibits exemplary disease-resistance.  Over the past decade,the David Austin Roses team has raised the bar for disease resistance even higher.
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Bare root rose tips

Complete Guide to Planting Bare-Root Roses

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Those unfamiliar with bare root roses can be taken aback when first encountering them. Far from the lush rose bush envisioned, bare root roses arrive looking sort of… dead. Take heart. That clump of sticks with roots attached might seem vulnerable and uninspiring, but it’s actually only dormant, a natural state for roses during the winter months. Planting a rose in this state is one of the best ways to ensure that the bush gets off to a healthy happy start. Once planted, they very quickly become leafy bushes bursting with blooms. Here are bare root rose planting essentials from David Austin Roses Technical Director Michael Marriott.

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Michael Marriott’s Tips for
Growing David Austin
English Garden Roses

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Most people think of roses as finicky creatures, and many are. English Garden Roses, on the other hand, have the lush flowers and pleasing fragrance people love about roses, amply supplied on vigorous, lush, disease-resistant bushes that flower all season long. They are bred for the garden, not the garden show, and if given just a minimum of common sense care they will provide season after season of abundant blooms.

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