Winter Windowsill Gardening & Cut Flowers Too

Plant Amaryllis Bulbs “Three to a Pot”

Indoor greenery in winter can be a game changer. During the dark months, living spaces without live plants can seem as dull and dreary as the weather outside. However, add a dash of green in the form of succulents, ZZs, peperomias, figs or ferns and life seems worth living again. But the greenery needn’t go it alone – consider potting up some easy-to-grow amaryllis bulbs to add dramatic color to the mix.

Potted amaryllis literally demand attention. The bulbs start off slowly, taking their time before growing tall and unfurling topknots of huge flowers. At least four massive florets ride atop each sturdy stem. The broad petals are dense and velvety with a luminous sheen. The flower colors are mouthwatering, coming in shades of red, wine, deep rose, blush pink, bright orange, apricot, salmon, mauve, white, green and bi-colors.

Growing one bulb to a pot provides huge satisfaction. Planting three bulbs to a pot results in a fabulous indoor potted display and can be a welcome source of cut flowers, too. Top-quality bulbs sized 32 to 34 cm in circumference produce two to three stems per bulb. They emerge one after the other to create a thrilling midwinter show of surprising duration.

“Three-bulbs-to-a-pot takes amaryllis to a new level. It’s beauty on overload. Six to nine stems produce a total of 24 to 36 flowers,” says Christian Curless, horticulturist for Colorblends, a Connecticut-based flower bulb wholesaler that sells direct to professionals and consumers nationwide.

“Three amaryllis easily provide three weeks of bloom and nearly two months of indoor winter gardening fun as you watch them grow,” says Curless. “Plus, with so many stems, there’s no guilt in cutting a few from the pot to put in a vase.”

Amaryllis are easy to grow and take care of. They’re ideal houseplants for a bright windowsill or other sunny spots. The softball-sized bulbs are available in fall and can be potted up any time through early winter. Stagger potting times to enjoy blooms January through March. Potted amaryllis also make great holiday gifts for midwinter enjoyment. offers top quality, name varieties of amaryllis in quantities of 3, 6, 12 and more bulbs. The company sells direct to horticulture professionals and home gardeners nationwide, offering wholesale pricing with a minimum order of $60.