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New from Colorblends for Fall Bulb Planting 2017

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Tulip and daffodil lovers gearing up for fall planting season will find a kaleidoscope of spring color at The lineup includes eight new tulip blends, a new daffodil blend and a selection of exciting new individual varieties. The Connecticut-based flower bulb wholesaler is known for spectacular pre-tested, pre-mixed bulb blends favored by landscape professionals and avid gardeners coast-to-coast.

This fall, Colorblends offers a total of 85 tulip blends that promise irresistible color for early, mid and late spring season. Other offerings include 12 daffodil blends, five hyacinth blends, three crocus blends, one grape hyacinth blend and a full range of bulb types by variety.

Among the new tulip blends are: Snowmelt with double flowers that bloom in mid-late season in golden yellow, white and deep purple; Wellspring™ with seven mid-season tulip varieties in cherry red, purple and mauve; and Beyond Baroque™ with ornate pink, purple and purple-rose tulips that bloom in mid-late season. Colorblends tulip blends are available in increments of 100 bulbs.

The new daffodil blend Golden Earring brings unusual vivacity to the early spring landscape with a mix of six narcissus varieties of different types and flower shapes. All are yellow, most have orange accents. The blend is designed to bloom over a long period. It naturalizes beautifully and is highly effective in mass displays. The new blend is sold in increments of 300 bulbs.

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Among new bulbs sold by variety are: Tulip ‘Aveyron’ in antique pink; Tulip ‘Foxy Foxtrot’ in butter yellow and apricot; Narcissus ‘Pride of Lions’ with an extremely broad marigold-orange cup framed by yellow petals; and Narcissus ‘Monal’, which is considered one of the earliest-blooming and most colorful of the yellow-and-orange large-cupped daffodils. Individual varieties are sold in increments of 25.

Colorblends Wholesale Flowerbulbs sells direct to landscape professionals and home gardeners nationwide with a minimum order of $60. To order visit or call 1-888-847-8637.


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