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Multi-Flowering Hyacinths: Something Old That’s New Again

When choosing flower bulbs to plant this fall, consider something old that’s new again: multi-flowering hyacinths. Nouvelle Orleans Hyacinth Blend from Colorblends brings back the loose, relaxed look of the hyacinths of long ago. Their slender, floret-laden spires stand 10 inches tall and are heavily perfumed with the classic hyacinth scent. The blend of blue, pink and white flowers is lovely planted in clusters between perennials or in mass plantings in the lawn. (As the bulbs must be allowed to die back naturally before the lawn can be mowed, a marginal area may be preferred.)

Nouvelle Orleans, which was introduced in 2016, is already a favorite of Fairfield, Connecticut, landscape architect Eva Chiamulera. She highlights their appeal in a short “Pro Talks” video on the Colorblends YouTube Channel. “They’re incredibly fragrant, they start very early in the season and go for weeks. And the pastel colors that they come in and their height make them perfect companions for daffodils and other early bloomers. We have found they perennialize quite readily for us.”


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