For Landscape Pros: Tulip Blend Solutions

Colorblends Tulip Blends, BedSpreads®, Cubed & Squared Blends

Tulip Blend Pinkster™

Landscape professionals trust Colorblends for pre-tested, premium flower bulb blends that consistently deliver extraordinary spring displays that please and excite their customers.

“We understand the pressures landscape professionals face,” says Tim Schipper, a third-generation bulbsman and owner of Colorblends. “With fall-planted bulbs there are no do-overs if a spring display is disappointing.”

Colorblends offers nearly 100 tulip blends, 14 daffodil blends, five hyacinth blends, three crocus blends, one grape hyacinth blend and a woodland blend, plus a wide range of individual bulb varieties for fall planting. The Connecticut-based flower bulb wholesaler sells direct to customers nationwide at or 1-888-847-8637, with product, pricing and service geared to landscape professionals.

Creating dependable, high performance bulb blends is not easy. Daffodil blends are challenging because of the limited range of colors and flower forms. Tulips are a challenge for the opposite reason: there are so many choices to consider!

Bedspreads®Tulip Blend Pinotage™

“With tulips, you have to orchestrate colors, shapes, heights and styles – with a sustained color crescendo throughout the bloom period,” says Schipper. “You also need the best quality bulbs for consistent performance, plus return on the dollar. We source, plant, evaluate and replant, till we’re convinced we’ve got a winner.”

Each year, Colorblends tests two to three dozen ideas. After evaluating all variables over several seasons, they eliminate any that can’t be counted on for show, performance and return on the dollar. Says Schipper, “If a successful blend seems easy, it’s because we’ve already vetted it through trial and error. We eliminate the guesswork so our customers know their customers will be happy.”

Four Different Types of Tulip Blends

In tulips alone, Colorblends offers four different types of blends, all solutions for routine situations faced by landscape pros:

Red Cubed™ Tulip Blend

Colorblends Tulip Blends are the classic Colorblends mixes of 2 to 4 tulip varieties (sometimes more) that bloom together or in close overlap. Each creates a spectacular color display with extended bloom and stylish good looks. Colorblends now offers more than 70 Colorblends Tulip Blends, with abundant options for the early-mid, mid, mid-late and late bloom seasons. They are sold in increments of 100 bulbs.

BedSpreads® combine four, five or six tulip varieties in artful mixes of colors, flower forms and heights. Whether planted densely or loosely, they deliver high impact displays that turn large spaces into landscapes vibrant with color. There are 10 BedSpreads to choose from. Four bloom in specific bloom seasons: Beaujolais™, Bunny Hop™, Chardonnay™ and Prosecco™. Six bloom in rolling succession, spanning bloom seasons: Bouquet Beaucoup™, Boutonnière™, Gamay™, Niagara™, Pinotage™, Silvaner™ and Vidal™. Sold in increments of 500 or 600 bulbs.

Cubed Blends give landscapers strong color in a rolling display where a long run of bloom is needed. Cubed Blends combine three varieties that bloom in succession from early-mid through late spring. Eight Cubed Blends are offered: Red Cubed™, Yellow Cubed™, Pink Cubed™, White Cubed™, Red-Yellow Cubed™, Threedom™ (orange), Triathalon® (yellow, soft orange, burgundy) and Trifecta™ (red, yellow, purple). Sold in increments of 100 bulbs.

Red-Yellow Squared Tulip Blend

Squared Blends are a two-variety spin-off of Cubed Blends. They’re geared to commercial customers who want big bulb color in early-mid and mid season only, for by late season they’re ready to switch out bulbs for summer annuals. The six Squared Blends are: Orange Squared™, Pink Squared™, Red Squared™, Red-Yellow Squared and White Squared™ and Yellow Squared™. Sold in increments of 100 bulbs.

Colorblends is an American flower bulb wholesaler with deep roots in Holland. For more than 30 years, American landscape professionals have turned to Colorblends for quality, creativity, wholesale prices and customer service. For more information visit or contact Hanneke Hollander, email . Colorblends Wholesale Flowerbulbs, 747 Barnum Avenue, Bridgeport, CT, 06608, 1-888-847-8637.