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Colorblends Tulip Blend Beaujolais™


  • Title:  Colorblends Tulip Blend Beaujolais™
  • Description:  Colorblends Tulip Blend Beaujolais™ features five varieties of single and semi-double tulips. All bloom beautifully together or in close succession in mid-late season. With tulips in soft pink, mauve, nearly magenta, white and butter-cream flushed with pink, the collective mood is deliciously light-bodied. In afternoon sun, the flowers spread their petals luxuriantly. The sophisticated mix is designed for mass plantings and is sold in increments of 500 bulbs. Detail: height 16-22 inches, bloom time Mid-Late, plant in well-drained soil in full sunlight, USDA Zones 3-7 (prechill 7b-10). Connecticut-based Colorblends Wholesale Flowerbulbs sells direct to landscape professionals and home gardeners coast-to-coast, with a minimum order of $60. See or call 1-888-847-8637.
  • Filename:  Colorblends_Tulip_Blend_1584_Beaujolais_CGC8884JMBP_fx.jpg
  • Copyright:  Copyright-free for editorial and educational use. All other rights, especially commercial rights reserved by Schipper & Company
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