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Stop Bulb-Stealing Squirrels -


  • Title:  Stop Bulb-Stealing Squirrels -
  • Description:  Keep bulb-stealing squirrels out of newly-planted tulip and crocus beds with adjustable window screens. Size the screens to fit broader trench plantings and narrower clusters between shrubs and perennials. Leave the barriers in place until the ground freezes hard, then put them away till next fall. Adjustable window screens are easy to use, easy to store, and inexpensive. For a short garden video demonstration, see Simple Squirrel Barrier at the Colorblends YouTube Channel.
  • Filename:  Colorblends_screen_idea_3578_fx.jpg
  • Copyright:  Copyright-free for editorial and educational use. All other rights, especially commercial rights reserved by Schipper & Company
  • Filesize:  6.53MB
  • Pixels:  6016x4016
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Resolution: 6016 x 4016 px ( 20.1" x 13.4" @ 300 dpi )

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