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Your Imminence™ - Colorblends Tulip Blend


  • Title:  Your Imminence™ - Colorblends Tulip Blend
  • Description:  Will two seemingly-perfect-together tulips, in fact, play well together in the garden? This is a question for the mix masters at Colorblends wholesale flower bulbs in Bridgeport, Conn. Their specialty is tulip blends. "We test many promising blends before selecting the Colorblends we are known for," says owner Tim Schipper. "Tulip blends must create color magic but they also must bloom together or in close sequence and be consistently the right quality, right relative heights and right price." In its tulip blend Your Imminence the Colorblends team pairs two mid-season tulips, one a strong purple, the other rich rose-pink with white accents. Says Schipper, "Combining pink and purple seems obvious, but that won't prepare you for the beauty of the music they make together." Colorblends is a wholesale flower bulb firm serving land care professionals and home gardeners across the country. Its minimum order is $60. For the Your Imminence tulip blend see or call 1-888-847-8637.
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