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Roadside Yellow - Colorblends Daffodils


  • Title:  Roadside Yellow - Colorblends Daffodils
  • Description:  This fall plant 250 yellow daffodils along your drive or nearby roadside. Next spring, up they'll pop to bloom in a wave of brilliant color. "Neighborhoods love people who plant roadside daffodil beds," says Tim Schipper of Colorblends, a Connecticut-based flower bulb wholesaler that sells direct to landscape professionals and home gardeners across the country. "And daffodils are so easy. Once planted, they can come back to re-bloom for years, need almost no care and squirrels and deer don't eat them." To keep daffodil beds blooming, Schipper suggests: each spring, after bloom, let the daffodil leaves mature for six to eight weeks before mowing. This is when the bulbs recharge to fuel the following year's bloom. No deadheading is needed. For Colorblends Roadside Yellow daffodils (250 bulbs for $110, 1000 bulbs for $390) see or call 1-888-847-8637.
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