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About Us
PR Contact:
Sally Ferguson
Ferguson Caras LLC
Pawlet, Vermont 05761
United States

Our Roots are Bulbs
Colorblends is a third generation American wholesaler of flower bulbs with deep roots in Holland. We are part of Schipper & Company, a wholesale bulb firm founded in the Netherlands in 1912 and based in Connecticut since 1947.

Our family-owned business enjoys long relationships with satisfied customers. Year after year, American professional landscapers, landscape managers and homeowners come back to us for quality, creativity, wholesale prices and customer service. Some for more than 50 years!

A Tapestry of Tulips
Colorblends is known for its expertise in creating reliably successful pre-blended tulip mixtures that combine two, three or more varieties..  Colorblends takes tulips to a whole new level, with spring displays that literally stop traffic!

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