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For Landscape Pros: Problem-Solving Bulb Blends

Bedspread Blends & Squared Blends

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Trident Tulip Blend

Vitamin See Tulip Blend
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Colorblends Wholesale Flowerbulbs’ pre-tested, pre-blended flower bulb blends are known in the landscape trade for extraordinary spring displays that deliver consistently dependable results.

Now, Colorblends offers two problem-solving blend categories, specifically designed for the landscape trade:

  • Bedspread Tulip Blends for large-scale plantings
  • Squared Tulip Blends for two sequential waves of spring bloom that peak by mid-season, thus don’t get in the way of summer annual planting rotation.

In all, the 2017 Colorblends lineup features 82 tulip blends, 13 daffodil blends, five hyacinth blends, three crocus blends, two specialty blends and one grape hyacinth blend. In addition, the Bridgeport, Conn. firm offers a full range of individual bulb varieties for fall planting, with product, pricing and service geared to landscape professionals. Colorblends sells direct to customers coast-to-coast via or 1-888-847-8637.

“We understand the pressures landscape professionals face. With fall-planted bulbs there are no do-overs if a spring display is disappointing,” said Tim Schipper, a third-generation bulbsman and owner of Colorblends. “We know that creating consistent, top-performing blends is not as easy as it might seem. The variables are significant. Every year we test two or three dozen ideas. Despite our long experience, the failure rate is high. Maybe 1 in 10 test combinations has potential. As simple as some of the blends appear, they are distillation of much trial and error.”

For Landscape Pros, Two New Bulb Blend Categories
Colorblends’ Bedspread Tulip Blends are specifically designed for large-scale, high-impact plantings and packed only in bulk quantities of 500 or 600 bulbs. Whereas most Colorblends combos feature two or three varieties, the new Bedspreads Blends have four, five or more varieties in artful mixes of colors, textures, heights and bloom times. Bedspread Tulip Blends bloom in elaborate displays, either in mid- or mid- to late-spring bulb season.

Squared Tulip Blends are a spin-off of Colorblends' popular Cubed Tulip Blends. Cubed Blends provide extended bloom over the early, mid and late spring bulb seasons. For some commercial customers, that’s too long a bloom season as, by late spring bulb season, they’re ready to switch out bulbs for summer annuals. The solution: new Squared Blends are designed to anchor beds in the early and mid-seasons only. They come in six colors: orange, pink, red, red-yellow, white or yellow.

Chardonnay Bedspread Tulip Blend
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Colorblends is a third generation American flower bulb wholesaler with deep roots in Holland. For more than 30 years, American landscape professionals have turned to Colorblends for quality, creativity, wholesale prices and customer service. For more information visit or contact Hanneke Hollander,, Colorblends Wholesale Flowerbulbs, 747 Barnum Avenue, Bridgeport, CT, 06608, 1-888-847-8637.


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