Website Explores How Garden Designers
Pair Spring Bulbs with Perennials

Choosing which tulips, daffodils and other spring bulbs to plant in fall is fun. And planting those bulbs couldn’t be easier: dig a hole, plant some bulbs. But for those who desire spring bulb and perennial partnerships that deliver high performance in spring, then transition gracefully into early summer, things can get more challenging.

Now, a small website, BulbDesignNotes.com, offers gardeners a useful glimpse inside the design process of three talented designers known for their mixes of spring bulbs, perennials and flowering trees and shrubs.

Bulb Design Notes explores the practical choices that go into creating successful plant partnerships. The project was developed by Colorblends, a flower bulb supplier known for seriously-stylish tulip and daffodil blends. “We reached out to three designers whose work we admire and asked if they’d be willing to share the thinking behind some of their successful spring bulb and perennial combinations. All three generously agreed,” says Tim Schipper of Colorblends.

The participating professionals are: Jacqueline van der Kloet, garden designer and plant specialist, Weesp, the Netherlands; Janie McCabe, residential garden designer, Northford, Connecticut; and Mark Konlock landscape designer and director of horticulture at Green Bay Botanical Garden, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

As part of the informal project, each designer chose five or more photos of spring bulb and perennial combinations they’d designed and provided design notes on each. Their photos and observations are assembled into personal galleries. Combined, the galleries present 20 garden scenarios.

BulbDesignNotes.com scenarios are annotated with plant IDs, location and hardiness zone, plus the designers’ observations on practical issues such as masking post-bloom bulb foliage die-back, dealing with animal foragers, and more. The images can be enlarged.

The resulting mix of spring garden types, design goals and practical solutions gives gardeners of all stripes and in many locales plenty to think about.

Colorblends Wholesale Flowerbulbs (Colorblends.com) of Bridgeport, Connecticut, sells direct to landscape professionals and home gardeners nationwide, offering wholesale pricing with a minimum order of $60. The company is known for pre-tested, pre-blended flower bulb blends that deliver beautiful spring displays with extended bloom and consistently dependable results.