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Tulip Blends

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Predicting which blends will work is tricky even for bulb professionals. “We trial every idea. What can look good on paper might flop in the landscape,” owner of Colorblends Tim Schipper says. “You have to orchestrate colors, shapes, heights and bloom times. You also have to use the best bulbs of the best varieties to achieve the desired result. We plant, evaluate, and replant, till we’re convinced we’ve got a winner.”

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Satisfying Gardeners'
Technicolor Daydreams

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In fall, gardeners daydream in Technicolor as they choose and plant tulips for spring color. The selection process usually starts as a “which list.” Which colors? Which heights? Which shapes? Which bloom times – early, mid or late season? The tulip blend specialists at make it their business to eliminate uncertainty.

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