• Find Quality Summer Bulbs at The Amsterdam Tulip Museum
    What's New at the Amsterdam Tulip Museum? Top-quality flower bulbs make excellent souvenirs for tourists to take home for planting.
  • Tulips Growing Wild in Mountains of Central Asia
    www.tulipsinthewild.com offers a rare glimpse of wild tulips in their native habitats in the remote mountains and barren steppes of Central Asia. Here wild Tulipa kaufmanniana blooms following the spring snow melt in the Aksu Zhabagly Nature Reserve in Kazakhstan. Wild boar love to eat the bulbs of this tulip, which are high in starch. (TulipsintheWild.com, image courtesy of Arie Peterse).
  • The Amsterdam Tulip Museum, just across the Prinsengracht Canal from Westerkerk and the Anne Frank House
    Just across the canal from The Anne Frank House and the famed Westerkerk Dutch Renaissance church and carillon tower is a small dynamic museum focused entirely on tulips. Only in Amsterdam!
  • The Museum Shop of The Amsterdam Tulip Museum
    Those in the know consider the museum shop of the Amsterdam Tulip Museum as one of the best spots in Amsterdam to pick up gifts and mementos that go well beyond the usual tourist fare. Flower fanciers will revel in the shop's carefully curated stock, much of it artist-commissioned. Antique hand-painted Delft tiles are a specialty, as are tulip-themed items of all sorts: vases, jewelry, trays, fine linens and tea towels, aprons, books, reproduction tile designs, handbags, totes, artwork, traditional Turkish tulip-themed bowls and plates, leaded-glass sun catchers and an assortment of children's items and simply silly souvenirs.
  • Wild Tulips in Barren Native Habitat
    Red-flowered Tulipa micheliana is native to Central Asia. This photo of the plant in the wild was taken at about 2,000m/6,500ft in the Iranian province of Razavi Khorasan, near the border with Turkmenistan. For a look at 41 images of rare wild tulips in their native habitats, visit www.tulipsinthewild.com. (TulipsintheWild.com, image courtesy of Marijn van den Brink).
  • The Amsterdam Tulip Museum
    Tulip-loving tourists find a fun informative outing at the Amsterdam Tulip Museum. The delightfully-quirky museum in Amsterdam's central canal district captivates visitors year-round with the story of the world's most storied flower. The Amsterdam Tulip Museum is housed in a canal house at Prinsengracht 116 in the charming Jordaan neighborhood. Set amidst intimate shops and galleries, restaurants and sidewalk cafes, the museum is a short walk from Amsterdam's Centraal train station and steps away from the Anne Frank House and Westerkerk, the Dutch Renaissance church and tower with 48-bell carillon. With approximately 2,200 square feet of newly-updated shop and exhibit spaces, the museum is dedicated to the surprising and flamboyant history of the tulip.


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In Search of Wild Tulips

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The Museum Shop of The Amsterdam Tulip Museum

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Find Quality Summer Bulbs at The Amsterdam Tulip Museum

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