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To Tulips in the Wild Release

A Treasure Trove of Rare Wild Tulip Images

Press Release (386 words)
Tulip lovers have a new website to explore: features a first-ever online glimpse of images of rare wild tulip species in their remote mountain native habitats. The site, created by the Amsterdam Tulip Museum and the U.S. bulb seller Colorblends, follows a group of Dutch bulb enthusiasts on a two-decade quest to some of the world’s most forbidding mountain ranges as they find and photograph little-known tulip species in the wild.

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To the Tulip Hunters

Dutch Tulip Hunters Travel Rough,
Armed with Cameras

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Tulips are one of the most recognizable flowers. Yet it may surprise many to see them growing wild in their native habitats. Genteel tulips originated in some of the most rugged places on earth, tough survivors that cling to desert mountain ridges and thrive on barren windswept steppes. In this story, five Dutch tulip enthusiasts travel to the remote mountainous regions of Central Asia, the Mideast and China in a twenty-year quest to find and photograph tulip species growing wild in harsh native habitats. These modern-day botanical explorers braved threats from extreme weather and terrain, armed gangsters, wild animals and more. Now a collection of their images is visible for the first time online at

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Wild Tulip Exhibit

What's New at the Amsterdam Tulip Museum?

Visitors to the Amsterdam Tulip Museum have a treat in store. In celebration of the museum’s recent renovation, the staff teamed up with six world-famous Dutch tulip explorers to create wild tulip exhibits and a stunning new 45-page full-color booklet on wild tulips called "Tulips." The booklet, featuring detailed text and brilliant photography, is currently offered free to all visitors. Wild tulips, you might ask? Yes, and it’s an exciting story.

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Summer bulbs in Museum Shop

It’s Summer Bulb Season at
Amsterdam Tulip Museum Shop

Visitors to Amsterdam often buy famous Dutch flower bulbs to take home as gifts or souvenirs. Unfortunately not every vendor that caters to tourists follows best practices. Some don’t offer top quality bulbs, worse still some sell leftover product no longer suitable for planting. Things are different at the Amsterdam Tulip Museum shop. The small museum’s shop has been a trusted source of top quality bulbs since 2004.

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To About ATM

At the Amsterdam Tulip Museum,
It’s Tulip Time Year-Round

Spring is not the only tulip time in Holland. When the colorful bulb fields are past their peak and the seven million blooms in the famed Keukenhof garden no longer dazzle, tulip-loving tourists can still enjoy the Amsterdam Tulip Museum. This backgrounder covers the highlights and history of this small but dynamic museum in Amsterdam’s central canal district.

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