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This Fall Plant Bad-Tasting Beauties:
Deer- and Rodent-Resistant Bulbs

Copyright-free Editorial Content for Use Whole or in Part. Quotes from Tim Schipper of Colorblends.

For those who love colorful spring bulb flowers but are plagued by flower-devouring deer or bulb-chomping squirrels, voles and other critters, there is a solution. And it doesn’t involve smelly sprays, expensive fencing or firearms. Just switch to bulbs that taste bad, say the experts at

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David Austin Roses:
Perfect Blooms That Beg to Be Brought Indoors

There’s a special pleasure in cutting flowers fresh from your own garden. That pleasure is tenfold when the flowers you cut grow in such abundance all season that taking some for the vase still leaves plenty in garden beds. Michael Marriott, longtime technical director of David Austin Roses in Albrighton, UK, offers his list of English Rose varieties with particularly strong attributes for cutting. Also in this packet are tips for keeeping cut garden roses fresh, and also tips for arranging roses that are fresh from the garden.

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Retooling the Shed

Re-tooling the Backyard Shed
New Small Spaces for Living Large

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a shed is “…a simple roofed structure, typically made of wood or metal, used as a storage space, a shelter for animals, or a workshop…” Perhaps it’s time for those venerable lexicographers to take another look. Today backyard sheds across the U.S. are sporting stylish exteriors, finished interiors, full-glass French doors, and cork floors. They are comfortable, year-round home offices, art and recording studios, guest rooms, home gyms, yoga retreats, and much more – even storage spaces. The definition of backyard shed today is all in the imagination of the shed owner.

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Amsterdam Tulip Museum

New Press Room for the
Amsterdam Tulip Museum

New Press Room
Spring is not the only tulip time in Holland. When the colorful bulb fields are past their peak and the seven million blooms in the famed Keukenhof garden no longer dazzle, tulip-loving tourists can still enjoy the Amsterdam Tulip Museum. This small but dynamic museum in Amsterdam’s central canal district captivates visitors year-round with the story of the world’s most storied flower.

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Keep Most Unwanted Weeds Out of Southern Gardens

Many of the weeds that invade flower and landscape beds share a trait that surprises less experienced gardeners: they’re super seedy weeds. These massive seed producers survive by spewing thousands of seeds per plant into the atmosphere, spawning endless cycles of pulling, digging, spraying, chopping and disposing of weeds. To help gardeners learn more about identifying and controlling the seediest weeds, including thugs that plague southern gardens, the makers of Preen Southern weed preventer have put together a series of Most Unwanted Weed ID Tip Sheets available at

The posters are downloadable from in two formats, print resolution and Web resolution.

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When Crickets Cease to Chirp &
Dogs Lie in the Sun, Plant Tulip Bulbs

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Good things still come to those who wait. This is especially true of those who love tulips, daffodils and other spring-flowering bulbs. To bloom in spring, bulbs must be planted in fall when cool soil temperatures offer the right rooting conditions. The beginning of planting season ranges from late September in cooler climes, to late December in warmer areas. So how does a gardener know when it’s time to plant?
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